November 2020

It’s not just being at work , but it’s really loving what you do that matters. Sure we all have some bad days where things are really tricky, however, if the good days out way the bad days, then you’ve found the right job.

This is what I’ve done as in the past I’ve held on to some fairly high profile, high pay, high pressure jobs which were just…jobs. In the end you question yourself ‘what for?’

I’m really happy where I’m at to see that I can give back with my skillset and knowledge to help others along their journey.

I’m at my best when I’ve just finished a project and I secretly stand back to see the expressions of happiness on my clients faces. This is my drive. This gets me going, so as you can see I’m not in it for just the money. Making a difference and leaving an impression in people’s lives and futures are where I’m at.

Steve Shevy

Australian Owned

February 2021

Why would this be important you might ask?

Property Repairers Pty Ltd recently applied to become part of the Australian Owned businesses.

We are very proud to wear the Australian owned logo as we are firm believers in supporting the Australian economy and local business as much as we possibly can.

I only wish that others can see this as an educational drive to put back into our futures by supporting other local business by buying Australian.

Lets keep the money here where possible instead of overseas for our future and our kids futures.