A side gate in desperate need of renewing. The project moving away from the traditional pickets to a more modern merbau fence with larger opening gate. The pergola was rotting away and was replaced with a new pergola ready for paving under to make use of the area.

Rita & John, ROWVILLE

December 2020

The shower was too wide to place standard glass so we opted for a sliding door which in turn gave the effect of a ritzy hotel


May 2017

What a remarkable transformation of a once forgotten area to now a delight to walk through the newly paved part of the world

Tessa & Chris, BENTLEIGH

November 2020

When there just isn’t enough time to get things done or it is way over your head things were transformed in a little over a week to a usable bedroom ready for the paint of your choosing


October 2020

Ashmore was a larger project to fully renovate everything. The kitchen was so outdated that the owner couldn’t wait to move back in after they saw what we had accomplished


May 2017

A classroom plastering project was worthy of our skills with the ceiling on a rake and a challenging height to deal with

Ranges Tec – MONBULK

November 2020

A stunning property so wanting of some extra TLC to be rid of the dreaded ‘slippery moss on the decking illness’. The cleaning treatment and natural oil safely bought back all the decking areas in good order around the house before it was too late

Natalie, STH YARRA

February 2020

When desperate for every centimeter of space to maximize storage, simple yet effective custom made shaving cabinets were placed in lieu of the old wall mirrors relieving all the clutter around the bathroom


May 2020

The area was far too small to accommodate a classroom so we demolished and pushed out the front end, dropped a new ceiling and now they have an additional large classroom

Donvale Christian College

April 2020

The laserlite had deteriorated to an extent that any passing storms would place new holes in the roof sheets. I replaced them with quality hailproof Ampelite in Lt Bronze to go with the flow of the surroundings

This pergola area was unfinished for years and the expensive pool equipment below was exposed to the elements. This was stage 2 of the Ampelite project. I installed the battens and then took the time to shape the sheets as the pergola had some unusual angles around the top perimetre.

Tristan & Geordine, HELENSVALE QLD

February 2021

What a fantastic opportunity it was to line the underside of this amazing outdoor canopy. It had been unfished when I was called in just before it was listed on the market.

Planning the asthetics of the end result where the joints will be together with the edge moulds ready for my 2 coats of Dulux weathershield in Vivid White


February 2021

To preserve the look of timber around the home does require some TLC when it starts to go grey. Sanding back reveals the true colour ready for oiling. I also installed a new and modern side push locking latch to replace padlocks and rusty chains.

Sheridan, ORMEAU QLD

February 2021

Having space under the sink can be the best place to install a slide out bin which neatly tucks away. An inexpensive and very functional approach to hide away any mess.


January 2021

The Gold Coast was hit with some of the most wildest weather to mention including over 300mm of rain in a few days. This lead to the collapse of this Alfresco Ceiling picture here covered in black plastic. I saw a major issue which I rectified with installing metal battens under the trusses together with Aquachek that was all missing. I also brightened up the area by painting the ceiling in white instead of the cream that was there.


April 2021

It was a great start to the year for the Gold Coast as another insurance project to repair a downed ceiling due to the SE QLD storms. I repaired the ceiling by adding the missing metal battans under trsses that are a must and Aquachek PB for longevity. When things are still exposed is the time to bring in extra insulation or rough in any wiring.


June 2021

The cars had to make a song and dance to get into their allocated carspaces. They asked if it was possible to cut out the curbing, so I designed the shape with an added slab for ease of parking.


June 2021

All other contractors said that it could be done as the fence was too old to repair. I gave them another option and utlised my skillset to panel beat the truck damaged fence panels and replace the sheared off fence posts saving the tenant a few thousand dollars in damages.


July 2021

It doesn’t matter where you live, but when you lack storage space then clutter gets out of hand. Here I helped a client to with an inbuilt cup and overheads. They picked up the sliding doors and requested me to build them something that is permanent and flows seamlessly.


May, 2021

This workshop suffered from a severe peeling floor due to poor prior planning. Previous painters painted straight over old epoxy to freshen it up and caused all sorts of trouble for the owners.

Flaking paint occured on a daily basis and was extremely hard to maintain. I provided them with a full concrete grind back to raw concrete to provide the best surface for a fresh coating of epoxy concrete sealer to keep all the oils and spills maintained.



If the insurance company comes through and says to fix up the premisis to mitagate risk then that’s when I come in to tidy up. All the corner curbs had been broken off from vehicle movement. I prepared the concrete added reo and poured the concrete.


April, 2021